Nowadays, the safest and most efficient choice that exists for tattoo removal is the laser technique, and with our modern equipment we are able to remove that picture you don’t like on your skin.

The results and the technique for tattoo removal vary depending on the type of tattoo, its colours, the part on the body where it is found, and of course the type of skin – for example black, blue and red are the easiest colours to remove, whereas green, yellow and orange are the most difficult ones.

Each patient needs a personalized study to determine the treatment and the number of sessions to be carried out so as to achieve a successful tattoo removal. In EIVILUXURY we always recommend not sunbathing before the removal.

In tattoo removals, anaesthesia is not normally required, as a topical anaesthesia is used (a cream which is applied a few hours before the treatment). Once the session is finished, an antibiotic ointment will also be applied. Immediately after the laser session, the patient will find a small inflammation where the tattoo was before. This inflammation will disappear in a few days.

These sessions will be repeated every six weeks, this way the tattoo will definitively and -practically always- be removed.



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