The X-Body allows us to train by electronic muscle stimulation which, through electrodes placed on the skin, cause a muscle contraction similar to the movement of intensive exercise. Currently, X-Body is considered a revolutionary method in the fitness world.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is used as a rehabilitation and training tool that will allow you to improve your posture, strengthen all your body muscles and get firmer and more toned skin. Muscle training makes bones stronger, therefore they become more resistant to fractures and it indirectly helps to avoid and prevent osteoporosis.

It saves time

Your muscles will work simultaneously.

It strengthens and builds muscles

The electrodes are placed directly onto each major muscle group, so all impulses reach their destination. It’s easy, you can´t go wrong.

It relieves back and joint problems

There are electrodes integrated in the suit along the spine which strengthen the muscles in that area and produce relief in back problems. By not overburdening muscles with weights, you neither press nor overload joints, and that relieves pain.

It achieves optimal fat reduction

It is a very effective weight loss and fat removal tool.

It balances the muscular system

The X-Body electrodes can stimulate and develop all the muscular groups, or only the selected ones, so this way the weakest links in the body can be strengthened.


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