EIVILUXURY is a specialized centre in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Nutrition and Diets, Rich Beauty Experiences – body wraps and massages– and Boogie Solutions: Medical and High Aesthetic treatments aimed at making you beautiful when time is short.

Therefore, EIVILUXURY is highly recognized – in Ibiza and in the rest of Spain – as suppliers in non-ablative Medical Aesthetic Laser for the treatment of excess body or facial hair, elimination of varicose veins of no more than 6mm, acne scars, psoriasis, vitiligo, tattoo removals and a wide list of services led by Dr. María Bufí, supported also by a first-class professional team and a powerful equipment of medical aesthetic appliances, at the cutting edge of the most renowned European centres.

In our clinic we also offer you an absolutely exquisite and personal attention when advising you – with rigour, professionalism and excellence – about the medical aesthetic treatments that suit you best, always trying to give you comprehensive and coherent solutions to make you feel beautiful not only externally, but also inwardly.

Come in… Feel… Enjoy. You’re at home. It will be a pleasure for us – and an honour – to do this journey with you.

Welcome to EIVILUXURY.